Flat Three Blinis, bonito creme fraiche + British caviar

When you think of caviar, the names Beluga, Ossestra or Sevruga come to mind... we're adding Exmoor to that list. 

Sourced from farmed sturgeon in Devon, Exmoor caviar prides itself in being sustainable by being one of the only caviar producers to not kill its fish during roe harvesting.  As the first in the UK, Exmoor has led the way in extracting the caviar by more or less massaging the fish, thereby allowing them to continue their natural cycle. 

We choose to offer this unique Exmoor caviar on our menu, rather than importing other varieties to support this local, sustainable approach.

We serve these delicate black gems with our own mochi-style blinis and house-made creme fraiche that has been infused with bonito to create the best start to your meal.

Begin your next dining experience with us in style by endulging in these Cornish sea-salted delights...

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