Californian Icons

Holland Park's Flat Three holds great iconic Californian red wines

Sometimes a choice of wine is based on popular demand and sometimes it's because the owner is a bit bonkers.  In this case, our vault holds proof of her obsession with not only the legendary wines of Napa but also extraordinary creations from young and independent winemakers spanning Santa Barbara, Central Coast, Sonoma and of course, Napa.  A collection that has taken years to build, Flat Three wants to share these golden state treasures with you.

There are powerful and bold reds of Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah as well as nuanced and restrained Pinot Noirs and Zinfandels.  All of these expressions of wine have been chosen to highlight the incredible evolution of Californian wines from the mass-production industry plonk to some of the most elegant bottles to grace the table.  We are especially proud of the friendships that we have forged with some of the most brilliant young winemakers of the West Coast.

Enjoy wines from the iconic estates of Harlan, Bond, Mascot, Promontory, Lokoya, Ovid, Jonata, Sine Qua Non as well as superb creations from Chanin, Failla, Twomey, Rutherford Hills, and Varner Wines to name a few.



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