Flat Three Fungi Foraging

Cooke-Deceiver mushroom, a common woodland fungus

On a bright November day, the Flat Three team of chefs and front of house were invited to join Ru Kenyon, an expert in wild foods and foraging, in the woods of Sevenoaks, Kent to learn more about the variety of local mushrooms.  

An incredible guide, educator and host, Ru identified all of the different fungi and demonstrated how to find and gather them.  More than just a how-to experience, Ru indulged the team in his own mushroom delicacies and creations -- from tea to pates, pickles and jerkies -- they all showed how versatile mushrooms can be.

Each team member went off on their own to collect mushrooms for their supper, and reinforce their appreciation for these incredible morsels of flavour found in the woods.

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