For the Vegan

At Flat Three we pride ourselves on a menu designed with an offering of meat and plant-based options, all in the heart of Holland Park, with vegan dishes encompassed throughout so there’s no separate menu.

We’re not exclusively a vegan restaurant, but we are mindful of what we serve, and how we serve it…

There’s the nose-to-tail ideology when it comes to meat, finding culinary use for as much of the animal as possible; we try to implement this approach across our kitchen with both meat and plant-based produce. Rather than throwing away overlooked parts we aim to find ways to utilise them; leek tops for instance won’t be thrown into the bin, instead they’re made into an oil for dressing dishes, or after salt baking our celeriac, we make a salt from the leftover crust. Trying to find ways to reduce waste encourages us to be creative and experiment with culinary techniques, allowing us to reap the rewards of discovering flavours and possibilities with ingredients that otherwise may be missed, while promoting a sustainable approach.

Even if you’re someone with no plans of jumping into the vegan scene, it doesn’t mean you should be guilty of turning your nose away at a plant-based dish simply because it’s vegan...

By trying vegan dishes you’ll open yourself up to opportunities to discover different flavours and learn how similar flavours and characteristics can be mirrored across different species. Take our abalone fungus dish, prepared in a sashimi style with sansho pepper; a fantastic vegan alternative, but not to be dismissed or overlooked as simply for the vegan!


We appreciate the many positives of eating vegan, however, don’t turn a blind eye to this post if you’re not vegan. Instead, we encourage you to think about the benefits that mindful eating yields for both ourselves and the environment and understand our belief that to be truly sustainable, using both animal and plant produce is key. By being more open-minded towards plant-based food we can learn how to appreciate the flavours that come from different sources, which is surely better for our environment and it’s sustainability.

Indefinitely, being based in London adds difficulty to minimising our food waste, but it’s not impossible. We can’t always get it right but by carefully choosing which suppliers we work with, from winegrowers to the farms we get our veg from, we like to think we’re doing our bit to make a difference.

Being inclusive with plant-based options makes us accessible for meat-eaters and vegans alike, to retreat and enjoy fine-dining in a cosy space, be it with friends and family, or stopping by on your own. Without doubt, we could all benefit from stopping every once in a while to pause and enjoy the food we’re eating; by cooking with thoughtfulness and care, we encourage ourselves to detach for an hour from our city lifestyles and appreciate taking a break to eat, immersing ourselves simply in enjoying the flavours and textures.  

Next time you’re in Holland Park and in need of a breather from the bustle of London, you know where to come.

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