Inspiring Japanese sakes at Flat Three

Select Japanese sakes offered at Holland Park's Flat Three Restaurant

We are fanatics about our Japanese sakes!  At Flat Three, our sakes are not just a footnote to our beverage offering.  We have curated a sake list from artisanal, independent sake breweries across Japan, spanning a range of styles.  What's common with our choices is an uncompromising creation of these master brewers based on their centuries old heritage, local terroir and painstakingly meticulous process of beverages from just four ingredients: water, rice, koji and yeast.

The extraordinary result of the brewers' work are sakes that cover a range of palates from racy spices and fruits to floral elegance.  The versatility of sake is never more evident than in our pairings offered alongside our 5 course menu.  Although matching sakes to typical Japanese dishes is relatively common, finding just the right angle of a particular sake to go with our non-traditional British dishes is brilliantly fun and creates an unparalleled umami match!

We are very proud of offering sakes from brewers such as Tamagawa whose brew master is our friend Philip Harper; Tedorigawa, the brewery featured in "The Birth of Sake"; Ishimoto that crafts our seasonal sakes for "Koshi no Kanbai" or the plum blossom festival; as well as Dewazakura, Kamoizumi, Miyasaka, Sohomare and Hoyo.  

Our diners can enjoy sakes that they know and love or for those new to this incredible drink, we offer flights that showcase an array of sake styles.  

The art of sake is one that we respect and hold dear as makers of our own koji-based dishes.  So join us for a glass or two of this incredible drink.  Kanpai!

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