Koshi no Kanbai

Holland Park's Flat Three is proud to participate in the 2020 Koshi no Kanbai week, a celebration of the plum blossoms expressed in the presentation of iconic Japanese sakes. 

In the world of sake, Koshi no Kanbai is a familiar label, renowned for its elegant and crisp flavour profiles. The Ishimoto Brewing Company is  located on Japan's west coast in Niigata, a region famous for its magnificent mountains from which pristine rivers flow, offering the perfect conditions for growing rich quality rice and in turn brewing delicious sake.

Brewer Shogo Ishimoto created a ginjo sake in 1946 at a time when rice and sake were under ration. Fast-forward to the economic growth that followed Japan’s post-war era, sweeter and heavier sakes dominated the market.  But contrary to this trend, Ishimoto continued to brew sakes using traditional techniques, setting the tone for the Niigata region’s reputation of light, clean sakes that local breweries would go onto emulate.

From February 18 - 22, we will be offering you the opportunity to taste a flight of three Koshi no Kanbai sakes, endeavouring to showcase their renowned delicate flavours that also pair so well with the food of Flat Three. 

We may not be able to offer you the snowy landscapes, stunning cherry blossoms or magnificent flowing rivers of Niigata from Holland Park, but close your eyes, sip on these sakes and their distinctive flavours reminiscent of the region will spark your imagination enough to take you there.

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