Nature takes over during lockdown

April through June 2020 were certainly months of anxiety, concerns and uncertainty.  With our doors closed to our diners, we spent time with our beloved families appreciating a rare glorious British springtime.  

And so we found when we reopened our kitchen that nature had also been very kind to our ferments.  With minimal human intervention, our house-made miso pastes from lentils, chickpeas + barley as well as our garums, vinegars + kombuchas matured beautifully.   Prior to lockdown we preserved our wild vegetables as we hate to throw anything good out, dehyradated mushrooms and pickled our tomatoes that are now found in our tosazu (Japanese vinegar).  We also found the time to forage wild garlic + seeds that are all part of our dishes now. 

Time has certainly served our ferments well.  We welcome you back to our safely maintained dining room to enjoy the "spoils" of nature.

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