Sustainability comes naturally at Flat Three


Sustainability has never been a trend for us to follow.  It's always been a part of the way we cook.

At Flat Three, we buy ingredients from predominantly British purveyors, aiming to support local and independent farms and foragers.  From our fishmonger, Pesky Fish, who bring us their line-caught catch of the day; our butchers, Ginger Pig, who source from small Yorkshire farms and Fundamentally Fungus, who provide us with pork from free-range pigs in the New Forest; to our friends at Nama Yasai, who grow Japanese vegetables in East Sussex; and Fin & Farm, who source from organic growers in Kent and Sussex, we strive to support suppliers who embrace sustainable practices.

But it doesn't end there...from these ingredients, we aim to extract as much as we can to create a low waste kitchen.  Rarely are vegetable parts tossed in the compost...the trims of our kabu (Japanese turnip) are used in a broth; the skins of our 6-week aged black garlic become part of our smoked cashew sauce; beetroot scraps are used for our kombucha and glazes; and our pickle wall is testament to our intention to preserve ingredients long after their seasonal appearance.

From our fish and meat, the bones and skins are dried and sometimes smoked to add umami and richness to our broths and sauces.  

Even the remnants of rice grains from our ponzu vinegar are made into crisp crackers to top our aubergine dish, and the skins of our potatoes become a crunchy element of our cashew dessert.

And beyond food ingredients, we repurpose our Christmas tree to pine-scent smoke our fish and use the ash from our wood-burning oven to create a crust for our baked celeriac dish.

All of these practices are not only our small contribution to helping the enviornment, they also create delicious and creative dishes.

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